Tile Jump

Simplistic but highly addictive game for iPhone/iPad
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Swedish synonym dictionary
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Swedish/English lexicon for iPhone/iPad
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Level for iPhone
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Personal assault alarm for iPhone
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Decision making app
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Splitbit is a company developing applications primarily for the iOS platform.

The company was founded by Erik Andersson (@erik_andersson) in 2009. The first success came with the app iGiro (invoice scanner for the swedish market). During it's first year it received a nomination as best beneficial app at Mobilgalan 2010, a top 5 placement in the swedish application developer contest (SADC) and numerous mentions in swedish press. The functionality has been copied by numerous banks and is now considered a standard functionality amongst swedish banks.

Erik works as a full time iOS developer at a company in Helsingborg, Sweden. On his free time he likes to use Splitbit as a creative playground to try out new ideas and technologies.

If you wish to come in contact with Erik then please use one of the available contact methods below.